January 2018 Newsletter

First order of business is to wish all of our Chapter 16 Formation, Brothers, and Family a very Merry Christmas and safe and prospers New Year! I would also like to thank the CH 16 Board, Eric, Mike and Willi for keeping me and us on track during this past year. We would moreover like to thank those that consistently support our events and initiatives throughout the year, Organizational Day, The Newsletter, The Annual Picnic, Menton Week, Veterans Day Parade, Coffee Stop, and Memorial Day to name a few.

With the start of a new year, I want to pose a challenge to each one of our members. That challenge is to make a commitment to do something that enhances Chapter 16. This could be things like, recruit one new member in 2018, volunteer for an event such as Veterans Day Parade, or take on a challenge to organize and event. Remember you are not alone and the board and I will leverage funds and resources to support your ideas.

With that said, we are looking for three personnel to assume the duties of unfilled Chapter 16 positions. The first is the duties of Quartermaster who will sell and manage a new coin, shirts, glasses etc. The second is for a Public Affairs Officer that can help to manage our donor outreach and engagement plan. The last is for a Communications Officer that can help manage Social Media and our Website. If you have not seen the website please take a look as it give details on events and even a photo galley! The link to the website is below as well as the Official Chapter 16 Facebook Page.

In closing, we have had an excellent year and we look forward to sustained best practices, new challenges and an even better and more enjoyable one in 2018. Our Chapter 16 is comprised of many folks who have stood in the formation for decades and given of themselves consistently for us. For our Chapter, to ensure longevity and increase our good done for all Special Forces members past, present and future I challenge you to step up and put in work for those on your left and right.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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