Menton Week 2017 Handout

1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) hosts Menton Week to commemorate the deactivation of the First Special Service Force in Menton France in 1942 and to honor fallen 1st SFG(A) Soldiers. Opening Ceremony will occur at 9:30 AM on 4 December at the 1st SF Group Main Compound with events continuing throughout the remainder of the week, culminating with the First In Asia Ball on December 8th.

Description of Events

The Menton Team Competition is an endurance competition to test the soldier skills and physical fitness of individuals and six-man teams from across 1st Special Forces Group that includes several events completed over the 4th and 5th of December. 1st SFG(A) Soldiers, Families, and Friends are invited to attend all three events to cheer on competitors.

1st SFG(A) Soldiers, Families, and Friends of are invited to attend all events to cheer on competitors but are reminded to follow all instructions from Range Personnel in order to ensure everyone’s safety.See page 11 -14 for more information

The Gold Star Family Luncheon 4 DEC 1130-1300 – Gold Star Families and their escorts are invited to attend a private luncheon at the Regimental Mess Facility (RMF) prior to the opening ceremony. This event is not open to the general public and the Command requests that those not invited respect the privacy of the Gold Star Families. See page 7

The Menton Week Opening Ceremony 4 DEC 930 – The opening ceremony marks the official beginning of the 60th Anniversary Menton Week, 2017 and is a chance for 1st Special Forces Group and the Canadian Special Operations Regiment to honor and remember fallen soldiers while celebrating their shared lineage in The First Special Service Force. All 1st SFG(A) Soldiers, Families, and Friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. Distinguished Visitors and Gold Star Families will have reserved seats, but additional seating and standing room areas will be available for all those who attend. The Ceremony will take place outside the 1st SFG(A) Headquarters Building. See pages 4 for directions to the 1st SFG(A) Compound, noting that transmission line road is currently under construction.

Opening Day Social(Sponsored by the Special Forces Association) 4DEC 1600– TheOpeningDaySocialisaninformaleventformembersofthe1st SFG (A) community, families, and all guests and families to gather and socialize in a casual atmosphere hosted within the Regimental Mess Facility (RMF.) Food and drinks are provided by the Special Forces Association Chapter 16. See page 8.

Family Weapons Familiarization Range and Static Displays 7 DEC 0900-1700- 1st Group provides this opportunity for Family, Friends, and Guests to see and learn about the type of equipment that Special Forces Soldiers use when deployed. It will also offer the opportunity for all to fire weapons under the close supervision of a 1st SFG(A) Soldier. The Family Readiness Groups will provide food and drink throughout the event. See page 9

Airborne Operations 6 DEC 0800 – 1st SFG(A), Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) and Philippines National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) personnel will conduct a Joint Airborne Operation of up to 400 Soldiers at Rogers Drop Zone that is open for all guests to observe. There are no parking at the Drop Zone, so we have coordinated for bus service from the East Gate C5 Mock up to Rogers Drop Zone every 30 minutes. The Family Readiness Groups will provide some food and drink throughout the event. If there is inclemate weather that prevents the Airborne Operation from occurring, 1st SFG(A) will attempt to inform all escorts, FRGs, and Soldiers as soon as possible of any delay or cancellation. Soldiers supporting the bus service will have the most up-to-date information to minimize unnecessary confusion. Although the Soldiers will arrive much earlier to prepare for the Jump, shuttle service to and from the Drop Zone will begin at 0700 and continue until the Jump is complete. See page 10 for directions to the bus pick-up point, C5 Mock up off East Gate.

Airborne Operations 7 DEC 0800 (Alternate Day if 6 DEC Airborne Operations are cancelled due to weather) – The bus service and amenities prepared for 6 DEC will be identical for 7 DEC, but note that the Familiarization Range will be in the same day, we recommend attending the Range activities first if you would like to attend both.

First in Asia Ball 8 DEC 1700 – The First in Asia Ball is the culminating event of Menton Week and will take place at the Greater Tacoma City Convention Center. Dress for the event is Army Service Uniform/Dress Mess or Black Tie equivalent for civilians. Doors will open at 5:00 PM for a cocktail hour and all guests should be seated by 6:40 PM. The formal portion of the evening will conclude at approximately 8:30 PM. The Ball will conclude by 10:30PM. Tickets must be purchased in advance, but beverages will be available at multiple cash bars. Photography stations with order forms will be available throughout the event. Public parking is available throughout Tacoma. See pages 15-16 and attached flyer for further details.

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