We invite you to upload your photos to share with other members of the chapter and beyond.  Before you upload your photos, please read our guidelines on the right.

Photo Upload Guidelines

Uploads limited to members only.  All photos must be the member’s own original unaltered images and you must have the right to use the photos submitted.  The photos must be able to be used publicly as this archive is viewable by the public.

Photos must not contain nudity or any unlawful acts.

You must be a current member to upload photos, your current membership will be verified prior to any images being displayed on the site.  If you are not a member and are eligible for membership, you can join here.

All photos submitted will be reviewed before upload. Any photo found unsuitable will not be displayed on the site.  We will contact you if we need additional information. 

Photos are limited to an upload of 4 images per upload.  To submit a larger number of photos, please contact us. Captions should include at least the location and year the image was taken.  Do not submit any personal compromising information with the images.

Photos may not be re-used from this site without express permission from their respective contributors.  For permission to use or for any image download, please contact us.

You must select “I Agree” below to agree to the guidelines and submit your images.

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